PETV Presentations

Presentations by Leaders and Enthusiasts in Permaculture

PETV Presentations is filmed with a live webinar audience. The audience can ask questions live with the presenter and the presentations are then put onto the PermaEthos YouTube channel for free viewing.

So, why subscribe to PETV Presentations?

  1. Keep a great thing going. It costs about $250 to do each episode. Your subscription allows us to continue to provide great presenters and information.
  2. Access to the Presenters. We strive to get very talented presenters. These are professionals with very busy lives and as a subscriber you get access to these presenters with whatever questions you have for them. The presenters will respond either via a comment reply or a video response.
  3. Compilation of Additional Material. Many of the presentations include additional information including videos, documentation and discounts to products and services. Your subscription gives you direct access to the compilation of all of this in one spot.
  4. Sponsorship Discounts. We have started accepting sponsors of the show. They provide special discounts to their products for our show subscribers.

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