The Systems of Beekeeping - Are Bees for Me?

Module 1

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Are bees for me is the introduction to beekeeping. Many ask where do you start in becoming a beekeeper. I have found that it is not getting bees, or even getting your hive, but seeing if you can even have them.
In this program, beekeeping is taken in 4 steps so you can get ready for becoming a beekeeper.
The fist level is can even have them where you live. There are many laws that have to be jumped through in many places of the world to have bees. I am going to show you what are some of the laws, where to find them, and why they are around.
Now that we know if we can have them, you need to see if you can take a bee sting. Working with bees can be enlightening, or the most dangerous thing you have ever done. Beekeeping can go from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye. One needs to be prepared for what is going to happen on the worst day. CAN YOU TAKE A STING? We go over how to find out, and what to do.
Getting your laws and checking on the possible reactions to bees stings is the tip of the ice burg. Do you even know how to find a mentor, what clubs there are out there, or even how the bees work where you live?
We take you on a trip on how to find the best way to keep your bees by the history in your location. Looking deep into the history of beekeeping where you live may be the difference of losing your bees. Helping you find good mentors and clubs to help you out is imperative.
If you look at this History, you're going to need to understand the Language used in this field. We go over some terms used and help you by providing a list of them that are going to get you speaking the bee language. You will understand more if you know what you are talking about and are getting the help you need when working your bees by learning these common terms and definitions.
Taking this first step into beekeeping will let you know if you if beekeeping is for you. Otherwise, you may jump in and find out the investment was over your head, or that there was a lot of things you did not know in before getting started. Taking "Are Bee For Me?" is the first that in getting you on the right path to beekeeping. This course will even help your make your own beekeeping book that will keep you on a great path to loving your Apiary.

Your Instructor

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

I am Michael Jordan, “The BEE Whisperer,” Owner of A BEE Friendly Company, INC. located in Wyoming. I have been teaching the art of bees and beekeeping for over 15 years. I have studied bees in my many travels over the world. Bees and Beekeepers are different all over the world. The style of beekeeping used is up to you. There are over 20,000 types of bees and 1500 of them are a type of honey bee. If you work with bees I would love to hear from you. If you want me to come and teach a group or class for you, let me know, I love to talk bees, I travel all over the world doing so.

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